Stained glass & Jewelry – Ilona Pivodová

We are a small craft workshop manufacturing flat glass. The workshop in Jaroslavice near Zlín was founded by the owner and an artist Ilona Pivodová in 2002. Mainly, we made stained glass – door glass panels, windows, cupboards, etc. Glass products are not used just in interiors, but they can be used as garden decorations, outdoor lighting and so on.

Our workshop specialize in production self-designed jewelry, decorations and other glass articles (for example a crown or amemorial prize).

We regularly take part in the event Open Day, we had our own exhibit in the Art Studio Šantovka in Olomouc. We also took part in Meet Czech Design and the building fair THERM. Our products decorate homes for example in Thailand or in the USA.

How to make an order

You can order our products by sending email in English to Your email should contain this:

  1. Product code number (as you can see here)
  2. Quantity
  3. Address

You will receive all documents about payment, which will contain all necessary information. The products will be send after receiving your payment.

If you want to order some custom-made products (windows, decorations, etc.), feel free to contact us via email.

Ilona Pivodová Ilona Pivodová
Artist & founder


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